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About us

For our collection we were inspired by Neapolitan colors and modernity preserving the principles of the sartorial tradition
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The Idea

The idea comes out from a forward-looking view of the tie. It is not conceived as a purely classic menswear accessory, but as the real key player. Thanks to his powerful colors and his innovative design, Crawatt wants to emphasize your personality. Every tie has its own specific history and its own spirit that results in a unique bond with those who wear it.

800x480-idea The Idea crawatt cravatte
800x480-logo The Idea crawatt cravatte

The Logo

The brand is the perfect match of all the hallmarks of the project Indeed, the name Crawatt is a play of sounds and words that if, on one side, it sends back to the Neapolitan spirit and folklore (tie in Neapolitan dialect is Cravatt), on the other side it highlights the unbreakable connection between the power measure (watt) and the lightbulb, symbol of a simple but successful idea.

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